Fiber Optic Termination Box

Fiber Distribution & Termination Box

A fiber termination box is used for fiber to an optical device by patch cable. Sometimes it can work as a fiber optic distribution box to achieve the optical cable connection and distribution in FTTX and FTTH applications. These fiber optic enclosures are weatherproof and apply to indoor and outdoor environments in wall mount or pole mount installation. The fiber termination box features a compact design and is lightweight, which is available for cable distribution and terminal connection for diverse optical fiber systems.

They could be divided into outdoor fiber termination boxes and indoor wall mount termination boxes. The former enables fiber cross-connection and light wave signal distribution; The FTTH distribution box is generally installed on the higher floor of a building to enable the feeder cable's connection and a bow-type drop cable. The latter ones are great for the junction, splicing, and protection for fiber optic pigtail and cable,widely used in the end termination of villas, residential, and business buildings; Basically, this type of fiber terminal box with SC, LC port designed for connecting home cable to optical communication device through fiber patch cable in fiber internet deployment.

All these fiber terminal boxes have a modern appearance and reasonable internal structure; they are easy for fiber management and maintenance. Some floor distribution boxes can accommodate the plc splitter. OEM service is welcome.

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