Fiber Optic Splice Enclosures

Fiber optic splice closure  is used to joint two or more optical cables together and protect the cable from water, cold and hot; The FOSC widely applies in the duct, underground direct buried, and aerial installations. The fiber enclosure features its fast and reliable sealing ability, and usually uses in  CATV, telecommunications, and fiber-optic networks.

In general, fiber optic splice closure can be ranged into dome and inline types. The former FOSC has cable inputs at two ends; while the latter one has cable inlets at the bottom. Whatever dome enclosure or horizontal opticube fiber optic closure, the function is to joint or branch outdoor optical cables. Their outer are of excellent plastics, inside of the fiber joint closure has splice cassettes for protecting the splicing and wiring excess fiber. And they apply in a -40 to +65 degree centigrade environment.

We provide both dome and inline fiber optic splice closures, they vary in shape, size, cable ports, splice capacity which meet different outdoor optical fiber cable connections. Some models can assemble fiber splitter to split the optical signal.

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