In line fiber optic splice closure is also called horizontal fiber splice enclosure, which is used to distribute, splice, joint and store the outdoor optical fibre cable.

Inline fiber splice enclosure applies in aerial, pole, wall, duct direct buried underground type installation, it used for direct and branch connection in optical fiber transmission system.

Horizontal fiber optic splice closure is with good sealing performance, simple installation and wide range applications. These in line splice closures are widely used in communications, network systems, CATV cable television, optical cable network systems, etc.

2 in 2 out horizontal 24 fiber optic joint enclosure box with 1 pc splice tray
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Small Aerial Fiber Optic Splice Closure, 24 Single Fiber Splices

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fiber joint closure with 1 pc 16 cores splice tray
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Mini Fiber Optic Splice Closure, 16 Cores Splice

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96 fiber splice case for 2 outdoor cable joint
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In-line Fiber Splice Case With 2 Cable Port, 96 Splices

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vertial dome fiber splice enclosure for 288 cores joint
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9 In 9 Out Fiber Optic Splice Closure With 17 Cable Port, 288 Splices

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in line splice closure with splitter for cable distribution
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72 Core Inline Fiber Optic Splice Closure Use as Optical Cable Distribution Box

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4 in 4 out horizontal fiber optic cable joint enclosure with 8 pcs splice tray for 192 cores splice
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4 in 4 Out Fiber Optic Joint Enclosure Box Max 192 Core Splices, Outdoor

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