32 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Box, 72 Splices

32 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Box, 72 Splices


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The 32 port fiber distribution box is designed for terminal access on the user side and connected with optical communication equipment. It integrates fusion splicing, signal splitting and cable distribution within the fiber box for indoor and outdoor FTTH application.  The fiber enclosure not only provide the protective connection of the optical cable and pigtail, but also realize the straight-through connection and branch connection of the fiber optic cable in the dwelling, business building and villas, it supports both wall mounted and pole mounted installation.

This fiber optic distribution box comes with 4 input and 32 output ports, it can accommodate max 72 cores splicing. It is made of impact-resistant plastics with anti-uv and waterproof function;independent layer for splicing or splitting, which make the cable management easy and convenient; this box has three typs internal structure for your option,  it could meet customer’s different light splitting and splicing need. The fiber box can hold max 72 cores termination, and could install steel-tube type splitter or plug-in splitter to distribute optical cable and split the signal.


. High-quality plastics with UV and impact resistance

. 3 different structural form inside,user can select plug-in splitter or steel-pipe splitter

. Reversible tray providing easy operation

. Enough space for cable storage and fiber routing


Size (mm) 177* 112*292
Weight(kg) 1.6
Cable inlet/outlet 4/32
Cable diameter (mm)  <Φ16
Max splice capacity 16/72 cores
Suitable adapter  SC
Max splitting 1:8 /1:16
MOQ 100 pcs
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