The Types Of Fiber Optic Closure

What is Opticube Fiber Optic Closure ?

Opticube Fiber Optic Closure is a plastic device that used to provide space and protection for optical fiber cables spliced together. We can divide the fiber splice closure into two types by appearance. According to the application, There are many models of fiber optic closures in the market for users to choose from and help them protect their networks. Now, Let us make an explanation as below.

Dome Type Fiber Closure

Vertical fiber optic splice closure looks like a dome, thus they also called dome fiber closure. They meet the same specification as the horizontal type and are designed for aerial& direct buried applications. Vertical fiber optic splice closures are of excellent engineering plastics. There are 1 inlet/outlet port, 2 inlet/outlet ports, 3 inlet/outlet ports types, fitting different fiber optic core numbers. Dome fiber optic splice closure requires high-levels seals and waterproof technology, because of  its underground applications. Besides, keeping insects and dirt out is also important for underground closures.

The following image shows a 144 fiber enclosure which has five entries providing up to 144 cores fiber splices in six  24 fiber splice trays.

Horizontal Type Splice Closure 

Horizontal fiber closure is like a flat or cylindrical case which also called in line splice closure. This type is most mounted in aerials or buried underground. It usually contains one or more fiber splice trays to provide space and protection for fiber optic splice. Fiber splice trays used in different fiber optic splice closures may have different designs and fiber counts.  The inline fiber optic splice closures need to be waterproof and dustproof, and they have good adaptability and compression resistance.  If it attached to a pole or hung from wiring, these fiber splice enclosures need to be held firmly in place, to avoid damage from weather and wind.

And the below picture shows a in-line 96 fiber optic splice closure. It has two input ports and two output ports providing space for 96 cores fiber splices. There are four standard 24-fiber splice trays stacked together inside.

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