Why Fiber Optic Splitter Loss Table Is So Important?

Do you know how to realize the performance of the FBT splitter and PLC splitter?The primary important thing is to check its fiber optic splitter loss table.

Let us make a brief introduction for optical fiber splitters and optical insertion loss:

Definition Of Fiber Optical Splitters

Fiber splitters, known as fiber couplers, they are common passive optical devices. They cover FBT couplers and PLC splitters that can split the optical signal into several parts at a certain ratio. For instance, a pon splitter with one input and two outputs is 1X2 fiber coupler. Likewise, there are 1×4 splitter, 1×8 splitter, 1×16 splitter, 1×32 splitter, and so on. If some splitters have two inputs and multiple outputs, they are named 2×N fiber couplers. Optical coupler plays an important role in passive optical networks(GPON, EPON, FTTH,etc)by allowing a single PON network interface to share among many customers.

Optical insertion loss

The optical fiber splitter is the component with the largest attenuation in a PON system. The optical insertion loss is the loss of an optical signal resulting from the insertion of the component such as connector or splice in an optical fiber system. In order to conserve the power budget of a PON system, It is necessary to minimize the insertion loss from the splitter.

All in all, Insertion loss testing is very important to ensure compliance with the optical parameters of the manufactured splitter under the GR-1209-CORE specification. Here is a table of typical loss for fiber coupler. Signal loss within a system is expressed using the decibel (dB) which is a measure of signal power attenuation.

Optical fiber coupler loss chart:

Splitter RatioIdeal Loss / Port (dB)Excess Loss (dB, max)Typical Loss (dB)
1:2 fiber splitter                    3                     1                   4
1:4 fiber optic splitter                    6                      1                    7
1:8 optical splitter                    9                      2                   11
1:16 fiber beam splitter                   12                      3                   15
1:32 fiber cable splitter                   15                      4                   19


1. Excess loss is the ratio of the optical power launched at the input port of the splitter to the total optical power measured from all output ports. It assures that the total output is never as high as the input.

2. Insertion loss is the ratio of the optical power launched at the given input port of the splitter to the optical power from any single output port. The insertion loss includes splitting loss and excess loss.

Fiber Optic Splitter Loss Table Chart For FTB And PLC Type:

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