What IS FTTD (Fiber To The Desk) and Its Benefit ?

What is FTTD?

FTTD denotes the expansion of this fiber optic infrastructure right to user places, and optical fiber are directly linked to desktops, laptops, or other communications device. FTTD may be used for virtual networks with thin clients and LAN networks using prolonged distances to workstations. It may fulfill the requirement for increasing bandwidth availability, transferring considerable quantities of information at high transmission prices. Besides, it’s in a position to provide service to places where power is restricted or inaccessible and provide a much more secure connection for associations that are worried about tapping or other security vulnerabilities.

FTTD (Fiber to the desk) Benefits

We are aware that RI45 Ethernet cable may also be utilized as transmission media. What makes optical wire superior to RJ45 Ethernet cable? This component will demonstrate the benefits of using optical wire for FTTD undertaking.


Optical cable is resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and also radio-frequency interference (RFI). Therefore it’s more difficult for hackers to tap optical cable. In any case, optical cable employs light that’s entirely protected, so hackers might need to physically splice to the line, which is difficult to perform and easily found. Even though RJ45 Ethernet cable emits audible signals that allow hackers to browse information nearby without touching the traces. By comparison, the optical cable is a much more secure alternative for applications concerned with information protection.

Bandwidth And Distance

Optical cable can support higher data speeds than any cable type, together with the ability to boot to 100 Gbit/s. What is more, connected with proper optics, optical cable transmission space could attain dozen km. Although higher RJ45 Ethernet cables may transmit 10G info signs, they will simply be able to do this over quite short distances.

Lower Total Cost

Optical cable was costlier than RJ45 cable. As demand has increased, production prices have dropped. Furthermore, if correctly designed, the FTTD job may be affordable. Aside from that, optical cable will ensure your network cabling may keep up with the increase in network traffic over time and update your network to higher bandwidth in the future without re-cabling. Taking into consideration the price of cabling, this may be a massive benefit. Although the original cost of fiber gear might be marginally higher than aluminum, the advantages realized can save significant price in the long run.

FTTD is a high-bandwidth alternative that develops the conventional fiber backbone system by conducting fiber right to desktops. FTTD is a flat wiring alternative that pushes the available bandwidth outside 10G. It’s an interesting, underestimated and overlooked method to make a beneficial system that’s expandable and performance-driven. High quality optical fiber pigtails, fiber optic wall sockets, and other fiber optics products used in FTTD are available in our company.

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