SC APC Fiber Optic Adapter

SC APC Fiber Optic Adapter


Plastic, APC, SM, Mating with single mode simplex SC fiber Connector

  • High-precision ceramic sleeve for low insertion loss
  • Meet international standards and 100% tested
  • Excellent temperature stability
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The Typical SC fiber optic adapter is with plastic housing. Most of the sc adapters come with ceramic sleeves, while there is bronze sleeve type as well, which is generally multimode types.

The sc adapter features a small size but has excellent performance. It is with good durability, repeatability and changeability.

We supply complete SC fiber optic adapters, these products have various types, including single mode and multimode, simplex and duplex versions. Standard female to female SC fiber couplers and hybrid SC fiber optic adapters are available.  These SC adapters are suitable for ODF and FTTH products.


Fiber Type Single-mode Multimode
Adapter type SC Fiber Optic adapter
Polishing Type UPC             APC UPC
Insertion Loss (dB)  ≤0.2 ≤0.25
Tensile Strength F200N
Durability(times) 1000
Operation Temperature (℃) -40℃ ~+80℃
Sleeves Material Zirconia Ceramic

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