Rack Mount 12 Fiber Termination Box With 2 Adapter Panel

Rack Mount 12 Fiber Termination Box With 2 Adapter Panel


Slide-out Type, 19” , Indoor Application

  • Model: FPP-GPZ1USC12
  • Premium cold rolled steel
  • Height 1U,2U,3U
  • 4 cable entry ports with grommets in the rear of the unit
  • Adapter panel and splice tray can vary as request
  • Free sample is available


The rack mount fiber termination box is a high density patch panel that can configure two 6 port adapter plate on the front. It is designed for realizing and the connection between external optical cables and pigtail and provides protection as well; inside includes splice trays and cable routing spool for fusion splicing and storage. There are four cable entry points on the back of the patch panel fitted with rubber grommets to protect the optical fiber cable from damage, and it is used in the branch connection of optical cable terminal and usually installed on the 19″ or 23″ framework .

This 12 fiber patch panel is available to be pre-terminated various adapter (SC, FC,ST, LC) and 2 pcs 6 strand pigtail with single-mode or multimode fiber optic cable for rack mount application. It is of drawer structure, so the tray can be easily pulled out for simple fiber installation and easy maintenance; The cables come in from the rear of the metal unit, the patch cords go out by connecting adapter plate.


. High quality cold-rolled steel, electrostatic spraying in the surface
. Configure with cable fixed device, splice tray and thread ring
. Stacked splice tray is convenient for future capacity expansion
. Independent insulation grounding device provides the safety
. Internal splice tray is made of high strength engineering plastics
. Inlets and outlets are sealed with oil resistant nitrile rubber


Size(mm) 482*300*45
Suitable adapters SC, ST, FC, LC
Cable inlet/outlet 4/12
Connector capacity 12 or 24
Max fiber splice capacity  12 (single core) or 24 (dual core)
Application FTTH, LAN,WAN,CATV etc
Lead Time 5 days for 100pcs, 10 days for 800pcs
MOQ 50pcs



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