Fiber Optic Splitter Distribution Box

Fiber optic splitter distribution box is specially designed for future fiber expansion by adding PLC splitter. They integrate fiber splitting, splicing, distribution and storage within the box and usually are installed on each floor of MDU, Commercial building For FTTH,FTTB application.

Fiber Optic Splitter Box generally has two layers, upper with splice tray for optical cable distribution and light split, lower for splicing and wiring. These enclosures can be used as termination points to connect feeder cable with drop cable, also regarded as transition point between the rising cable and horizontal cable and provides optimum flexibility. They can be wall mounted or pole mounted as your FTTH deployment requirement.

Fiber optic distribution box is weatherproof and provides protection, termination and splices for indoor or outdoor installation. And it can be opened and closed without disturbing the fiber network service to customer. There are single fibers, 2 cores, 4 cores, 8 cores, 12 cores, 16 cores, 24 cores splice boxes to meet your different FTTX applications.

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