E2000 UPC Fiber Optic Adapter

E2000 UPC Fiber Optic Adapter


Plastic, UPC, SM, Mating with single mode simplex E2000 fiber Connector

  • High-precision ceramic sleeve for low insertion loss
  • Meet international standards and 100% tested
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E2000 fiber optic adapter has the plastic body, it is a passive device designed for connecting E2000 connector cable (fiber patch cord) at both ends. The E2000 fiber coupler has high precision ceramic sleeve with low insertion loss. E2000 fiber optic cable adapter covers single-mode and multimode type with UPC, APC version. There are Female-Female e2000 fiber adapters, still have hybrid E2000 fiber optic adapters.

The adapter features compact size but excellent performance. It is with good durability, repeatability and changeability. Likewise, excellent temperature stability.

E2000 coupler is ideal for optical cable assembly house and manufacturing environments and local area networks (LANs) at the workstation outlet.

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Fiber Type Single mode Multimode
Adapter type E2000 Fiber Optic adapter
Polishing Type UPC APC UPC
Insertion Loss (dB)            ≤0.2 ≤0.25
Tensile Strength F200N
Durability(times) 1000
Operation Temperature (℃) -40℃ ~+80℃
Sleeves Material Zirconia Ceramic

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